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It all started back in 1988 with a ’78 Oldsmobile Cutlass, two guys, and a wheelbarrow. Today Kurk Concrete, Inc. is one of southeastern Wisconsin’s well established and respected residential and commercial foundation and flatwork contractors.


Kurk Concrete, Inc. was founded when the competition for foundations was between block walls and poured walls. Kurk Concrete, Inc. was pouring the footings for slab-on-grade multi-family buildings, and then returning to pour the slabs and garage floors. The top course of block would get bumped loose and Kurk Concrete, Inc. would regularly have to frame the wall top at those areas.


Kurk Concrete, Inc. started offering the complete foundation package with poured walls for relatively the same cost as block walls, but with the time savings and performance benefits of poured concrete. Kurk Concrete, Inc. converted their first general contractor to poured walls, and since then their sales and growth have been consistently positive.


Throughout the ‘90s, Kurk Concrete, Inc.’s growth in foundations was measured and solid as they expanded their stock of 8-foot-high wall forms and production equipment. In 2001 the light commercial market slowed and Kurk Concrete, Inc. made a strong push into the residential market. “We made large investments in the past few years in formwork, cranes, equipment, and training to meet the demand of the fast-growing residential marketplace.”


Over the past 21 years, the original Cutlass has become a fleet of trucks, conveyors, formwork, and other construction equipment. The two guys have grown into an experienced and loyal team of over 40 people including wall, footing, and flatwork crews plus office staff, crane operators, and truck drivers.


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