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Kurk Concrete, Inc. prides itself on a higher knowledge of and expectation for detail because of their history in light commercial concrete. While each foundation is different, we believe that all foundations should have reinforcing steel and a minimum number of control joints with water stop to reduce random cracking and add long-term quality to the concrete.


Kurk Concrete, Inc. has been helping builders stay on schedule and within budget for over 20 years. Kurk Concrete, Inc.ís goal is to keep everyone working for the benefit of the builder, the project, and their on-time delivery. While working on a project for a general contractor, the project site had a small cave-in from the excavation. Instead of contacting the excavator to come back and correct the problem, we simply loaded up the backhoe and re-excavated the area so work could continue.


A similar example occurred recently as a result of spring rains. Kurk Concrete, Inc. was preparing the basement flatwork and stone backfill for a condo project. The site contained a significant amount of standing water. The crew quickly pulled their generator and pump off the truck and began to pump out the water. No questions asked.


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