Building Foundations for Great Reputations

Kurk Rules as seen in Successful Builder

Rule #1:†††††† Itís better to find a solution than a culprit.

Too often, too much time is wasted trying to figure out why something happened on the project site instead of just fixing it. Your project needs to move forward, even in the face of unexpected situations. From small cave-ins to unexpected flooding Kurk Concrete, Inc.ís get-it-done attitude will keep you on schedule and on budget.


Rule #2:†††††† The Devil is in the Details

Every foundation is unique. Understanding the challenged before the concrete arrives is what sets a great foundation apart from just another pour. Whether itís extended brick ledges, deep basements, dramatic land grades or unique angles or curves, Kurk Concrete, Inc.ís approach to ensure your foundation is constructed to the same high quality, as the home that is build upon it.


Rule #3:†††††† Anything is possible.

Weather, site conditions, and other unknowns should not stall your project. Kurk Concrete, Inc. understands this. A foundation with over 700 lineal feet of 11 foot high walls was completed during the December 2007 snow-storms. Subfreezing temperatures and over 20 inches of snow did not slow the project. Kurk Concrete, Inc. brought in heat blankets and other technologies to ensure the foundation cured properly. The result, a project that remained on schedule, and on budget, even when others said it could not be done.


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